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Slot machine tick SMT-950 for sale

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Slot machine tick SMT-950 is the latest technology for testing slot machines. Win generator SMT-950 works with wireless technology that supports up to 95% slot machines from various manufacturers. The device is designed for slot machine technicians to identify vulnerabilities. If the slot machine is poorly protected, slot win generator SMT-950 can easily connect through a wireless signal to the machine and affect the proper functioning of the slot program and thus making changes to the game.

This can create high and frequent winning lines and often win the Jackpot. This model is a follow-up to the previous version – the SMT-900 – which in some cases caused outages and interrupted connection with slot machine programs. Just place the device at the slot machine and run it with the remote control. The device uses a SIM card for user commands.

The small dimensions and instant connection make this device unique in testing technology in the gaming industry. It is installed in a small plastic case, but it can also be offered in other designs (special customer requirement).

Product description:

Item Size 96 * 60 * 22.6mm
Model Name SMT-950
Voltage 5V
30 Hours Battery Life & Up

Content of the package:

1 x device SMT-950
1 x charger
1 x remote control
1 x full user manual in English or German language

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